Advanced Artist Corel DRAW Power Training

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and Corel PhotoPaint Power Training
today before this sale ends. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Training is compatible with CorelDRAW Graphics Suites 12, X3 and X4. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3 or X4 are recommended as these software updates feature significant functionality upgrades.

Your training video has been recorded with both the CorelDRAW X3 and X4 applications.

Power Training is the only Corel training system that shows you how to use both CorelDRAW and Corel PhotoPaint and how to use them together.

CorelDRAW and PhotoPaint were developed by Corel Corporation to work together. If you are not effectively using PhotoPaint and CorelDRAW’s bitmap functionality you are limiting your design and graphic work productivity to 50% or less of the CorelDRAW Graphics Suites functionality and power. That’s why we call this training CorelDRAW Power Training.

Power Training comes from my nearly two decades of experience in graphic design and business management. As a professional Art Director in a multimillion dollar screen printing and sign business it was my job to develop routines, scripts and work methods that expedited work flow and reduced out put and production errors.

Your training was developed to help you not just learn CorelDRAW and Graphic Design but also to show you how to do your design and production art work faster with greater accuracy. My goal with this training is to help you increase your speed and graphics profitability.

Over 8 Hours of Detailed CorelDRAW training

This training is for the new CorelDRAW user that needs to get started in CorelDRAW fast. First you go through the software application step by step. Then you can work your way through a series of simple design projects developed to help you learn how to use your new CorelDRAW skills effectively.


Over 12 Hours of Detailed CorelDRAW training

The Vector Power Training has been developed to take you from the beginner skill level up to the Advanced Vector designer or artist level. In this series you will learn about advanced vector and CorelDRAW illustration techniques. This series also includes a complete automotive illustration and design project. While these projects are advanced and detailed you will find out that these skills will enable you to do your day to day vector and design work much more quickly and efficiently.


Over 12 Hours of Detailed Corel PhotoPaint training

The PhotoPaint training series will take you through all of the features and functions in Corel's powerful PhotoPaint application. You will also learn how to use all the PhotoPaint features directly in the CorelDRAW. Advanced Artists Power Training is the only Corel Graphics Suite training package that includes PhotoPaint training.

As you have seen the free tutorials on the site PhotoPaint is a powerful application that is included in the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, learn it inside and out with the Advanced Artist Power Training.

Over 4 Hours of Detailed CorelDRAW training

The Color Management training will show you how to set up a custom work space in CorelDRAW based on your color management work flow requirements. We also show you how to use macros and scripts in DRAW and PhotoPaint to speed up your color management and color separation work process. Many of our customers tell us that this training has saved them hours and hours of time.

What does this CorelDRAW and Corel PhotoPaint training package include? Over 35 hours of CorelDRAW training you won't find anywhere else?

Advanced Artist Power Training is the only video training package that offers Complete Corel PhotoPaint training.

Advanced Artist CorelDRAW training is designed and developed by CorelDRAW experts and professional designers. We are uniquely qualified to offer you the best CorelDRAW training on the market today. Just take a look at the comments form the people that have taken our Corel training.

Time is money and our CorelDRAW training has been developed to train you how to do better faster work. Further our CorelDRAW training will show you to work with Macros and other techniques that will virtually eliminate mistakes color management and other art work requirements.

At this price, the Advanced Artist training will cost you less then $2.50 an hour!

While this training and these projects may seem advanced, the fact is I use these advanced projects to demonstrate how easy it really is to do this level of work in the Corel Graphics Suite.

Once you have these simple advanced techniques down you will then be able to fly through simple day to day production and design projects with speed and ease. While at the same time being able to do more advanced work when necessary.

This Corel DRAW training is equivalent to a one week training seminar and will pay for itself time and time again as you get your work done faster and produce better designs with the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.

From the Fundamentals to the Advanced

Advanced Artist Power Training starts with the fundamentals and takes you all the way up to high end techniques and time saving routines.

Suitable for Corel Users at Every Level

Since this training starts with the basics it is suitable for ALL CorelDraw users at every level of experience.

What will this Training Do for Me?

You will get your work done faster!

Advanced Artist Power Training will dramatically affect your work efficiency and productivity. Many of the people that have completed the training report back to me that they are now doing projects that used to take them hours in minutes.

Once you have these techniques down you will find yourself saving time on all kinds of graphics projects in the CorelDraw Graphics Suite.

Your design and creative skills will increase

You will find that you are able to develop better designs faster with your new Corel Graphics Suite X3 skills.

Training Overview

Below is just a partial overview of the training that comes with the Advanced Artist Power Training. To cover all of the training in the 26 hours of video sessions in this overview I would have write a short book.

PhotoPaint Power Training 10 hours of In-Depth Training

Working with Bitmaps

What are Bitmaps
Working with Bitmaps in CorelDRAW
Working with Bitmaps with Corel PhotoPaint
Bitmaps Effects in CorelDRAW
Bitmap Effects in Corel PhotoPaint

PhotoPaint User Interface Training

The PhotoPaint Tool Bar
The Property Bar
The PhotoPaint Menu
The PhotoPaint Dockers
Customizing Your PhotoPaint Work Space

PhotoPaint Features and Tools

PhotoPaint Options
Working with Bitmap Objects in Corel PhotoPaint
The Objects Docker
PhotoPaint Bitmap Objects Tips and Tricks
The Pick Tool
The Mask Transformation Tool
Working with Masking Tools
Working with the Masking Brush Tool
Working with the Shape Masking Tools
Working with the Magic Wand Tool
Working with the Lasso Mask Tool
Working with the Freehand Mask Tool
Working with the Cropping Tool
Working with the Eye Dropper Tool
Working with the Eraser Tool
Working with the Text Tool
Working with the Red Eye Removal Tool
Working with the Shape Tools
Working with the Path Tool
Working with the with the Fill Tool
Working with the Paint Tools and Brushes
Working with the Effects Tools and Brushes
Working with the Transparency Tools

Bitmap Effects in PhotoPaint

In-dept Effects Features and Uses Training in PhotoPaint

Masking in PhotoPaint

In-depth Masking Techniques, Tips and Tricks in PhotoPaint.
Illustration and Painting in PhotoPaint

The fish illustration project is a start to finish project in CorelDRAW and PhotoPaint. These sessions show you how to go from a rough drawing to a completed illustration element you can use to create custom illustrated designs and layouts in the Corel Graphics Suite.

Working with Brushes in Corel PhotoPaint

In-Depth Training on Working with Brushes in PhotoPaint

Installing Macros and Scripts

Installing Macros
Installing the Under base PhotoPaint Script

Color Management Training

Setting up the Dockers in Corel

Setting up the Dockers
Overview of the Dockers we will use in this training course

Setting up the Options in Corel

Setting up your options correctly in Corel Draw is critical to optimizing your work flow process as well as optimizing Corel’s performance on your PC

The Options Panel
Options settings General Settings
Setting up your undo levels
Memory settings options
Backup and save options
Creating custom tool bars for macro buttons and other Corel function buttons
Creating buttons for your macros and other Corel commands and functions
Saving, exporting and importing your custom work space

Vector Power Training over 12 hours of CorelDRAW Training

Working Vector Shapes
Working with Nodes
Working with Lines
Node Handles (In Depth Techniques, Tips and Tricks)
Converting Outlines to Objects
Creating Vector Shapes with Shapes
Tracing simple Logos

Vector Tools

Comprehensive Corel Vector Tools Training

Vector Illustration

Illustrating with Vector Strokes
Illustrating an Eagles Head In CorelDRAW

Illustrating the Nova Dragster in CorelDRAW

The Nova illustration training is a start to finish vector illustration project that is used as training to demonstrate many vector techniques for shaping, shading and highlighting with vector.

Color Management Training over 4 hours of Corel Graphics Suite Training

Manual Color Separations

Normally I prefer to avoid manual color separations but on occasion it is still necessary

Sample – Manual color separations in Corel with bitmap and vector graphics

Spot Colors and CorelDraw

Automated color separations in Corel Draw
Separation samples (from the simple to the complex) in Corel

Corel X3 Significant Increase in Spot Color Features

Drop Shadows
Mesh Fountain Fills
Over Printing
Duo tone Bitmaps

Working with Color Palettes

What are color palettes?
The color palette browser
Corel’s fixed color palettes
Creating custom color palettes
Creating a project palette
Creating a conversion palette
Creating color palettes from object selections
Creating color palettes from a Corel document
Creating a custom color palette for you shop or company
The Custom Spot Colors Palette

Working with Color Styles

What are color styles
The color styles docker
Creating a color style
Working with color styles
Replacing and changing colors with color styles
Dragging and dropping colors

Working with Color Palettes and Color Styles

Drag and drop between color palettes and color styles
Creating Incremental tone palettes with color styles

Working with Bitmaps

There are two types of bitmaps that will work as spot colors in Corel Draw these are Monochrome and Duo tone bitmaps. These will be covered in depth

Preparing bitmaps - Up-sampling and Masking
Converting bitmaps to duo tone images
Converting bitmaps to monochrome images
Monochrome and Duo tone bitmap spot color features in Corel
Creating spot color shading and highlights with duo tones in Photopaint and Corel Draw.
Bitmaps – Color separating with masks in PhotoPaint
Bitmaps – Color separating with the color mask in PhotoPaint
Monochrome bitmap tips and tricks in PhotoPaint
Monochrome bitmap color separations
Using a combination of gray scale bitmaps and spot colors for color separations
CMYK color separations with Spot Colors
Setting up bitmaps with transparencies and transparent backgrounds for color separations
Bitmaps and transparency effects in color separations
Power Clipping and bitmaps in Corel Draw

Setting up a White Base

How to record your own custom white base scripts in PhotoPaint
How to use the white base script
How to create a bitmap under base in PhotoPaint
Checking your under base for Accuracy

Working the Macros

Working with the Color Replacer Macro
Working with the Limit Colors Macro
Working with the Limit Colors Posterize Macro
Creating custom palettes to use with the Macros

Trapping and Choking

Manual traps and chokes with outlines
Overview of masking in PhotoPaint for traps and chokes
Traps and chokes in PhotoPaint with a the masking tools and expand-reduce masking.

The new Advanced Artist Quick Start CorelDRAW training is 8 hours of basic CorelDRAW training that will get you started the right way FAST! WIth over 60 quick video training sessions packed with basic training and techniques you won't find anywhere else.

Our Quick Start Corel DRAW training was created using both CorelDRAW X3 and CorelDRAW X4 so it is compatible with both of CorelDRAW's latest releases. Since CorelDRAW 12 and X3 have similar user interfaces this training is also compatible with CorelDRAW 12.

With the Advanced Artist Quick Start CorelDRAW training and the Power Training you will have all the training you need to go from no CorelDRAW knowledge to a POWER USER at your own pace.

The following Quick Start video training sessions are featured on this new training disk for beginners.

Introduction to CorelDRAW

CorelDRAWs Work Space
CorelDRAWs Page Setup
CorelDRAWs Options
Pick Move Select
Importing and Exporting
Duplicating Objects
Key Short Cuts

Vector Drawing and Shaping Tools

Shape Tools 1
Shape Tools 2
Shapes 3 (Multiple Object Property Bar)
Line Drawing Tools 11
Line Drawing  Tools 2
Lines and Nodes 1
Lines and Nodes 2
Pen and Poly Line Tools
Artistic Media Tools 1
Artistic Media Tools 2
Outline to Object Tracing
Smart Fill and Drawing Tools
The Crop Tool

CorelDRAWs Power Trace

Exclusive CorelDRAW training

Objects Properties Fills and Outlines

Objects Properties Docker (fills and Outlines)
Advanced Outlines
Shaping Docker
Fountain Fills
The Interactive Fill Tool
Mesh Fills
Texture Fills
Bitmaps in CorelDRAW

Color Docker and Color Palettes

Color Docker and Color Palettes 1
Colors Docker and Color Palettes 2
Printing Color Separations
Creating Symbols

Working with Text

Intro to Text in CorlDRAW
Fit Text to Path
Font Navigation

Find and Replace

Find and Replace
Find and Replace Text

Effects Tools in CorelDRAW

The Bevel Docker
The Blend Tool
The Contour Tool
Distortion Effects
The Extrude Tool
Drop Shadow Effects
The Envelope Tool
The Perspective Tool
Power Clipping
Copying Effects
Combining Effects

The Menu in CorelDAW

The File Menu
The Edit Menu
The Layout Menu
The View Menu
The Arrange Menu
The Effects Menu
The Bitmaps Menu
The Test Menu
The Tools Menu
The Window Menu
The Tables Menu
The Help Menu



Advanced Artist