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About AdvancedArtist.com

A Growing Web Site and Resource

Advanced Artist is a project I started in February of 2006 with one free tutorial. Today Advanced Artist has over 5 hours of free video tutorials and many other free resources for designers and artists at every level.

In April of 2007 AdvancedArtist.com had over 18,000 visitors, 310,000 pages were served and more then 100,000 video tutorials were viewed.

The Inspiration Behind the Site

Working with various artists and designers over the last few years. I came to realize that advanced or next level training from actual artists for CorelDraw and other graphic applications was practically non existent.

I can remember thinking to myself, "if only they knew what that software was really capable of". At that point I decided to start working on the AdvancedArtist.com web site and tutorials.

Working with CorelDraw, Adobe illustrator, Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Flash, Dreamweaver and Fireworks along with many other graphics applications over the last decade has proved to be a very liberating experience for me. Working as an artist is the dream career for me as my work is my passion.

While I do work as a sub contractor for a local graphics companies I have taken on the Advanced Artist web site as a side project which I work on in the evening and on weekends as time permits. I look forward to watching my vision of assisting other artists in maximizing their work productivity while taking their illustration and design skills to the next level unfold.

The Future

Due to the overwhelming response I have had to the web site and tutorials. I will be adding allot of tutorials, resources and other content to the AdvancedArtist.com web site. Please sign up for the newsletter so I can keep you posted as I update the site.

Advanced Artist

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